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Shmuel's Guiding Ethos



Our Style

We understand that when you hire us to photograph your wedding, we are being hired by multiple people: The chosson and kallah, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends and extended family, even future children p"G. We see it as our duty to surpass everyone's expectations.

With the emergence of digital cameras, a new dawn has come upon event photography -- the ability to consistently provide our clientele with a complete portfolio.

By "complete", we mean the capability to cover all potential tastes and preferences.

  • We're careful to always capture those breathtaking, artistic portraits but never at the expense of the inspiring smiles and glowing faces.
  • We not only shoot the formal "classics" with great attention to detail and elegant posing, but we also help to create special interactions between you and your family - sometimes delicate and sensitive, other times hilarious and thrilling, but always authentic. We are there to help you be real.
  • Our unobtrusive photo-journalistic approach during the ceremony never stops us from having fun with creative lighting and dynamic angles. We wait patiently for that special moment and love to capture those spontaneous reactions.
  • We skillfully document the entire party, capturing all the traditional shots (dancing, tables, speeches, sheva brochos, etc) but with technical excellence, artistic vision and a refreshing energy, making sure that everyone always looks their best.
  • And not to forget all the details. We know you value what you spend your money on and we want you to have memories of it.

In short, our style is simple -- excellent photography.  


As Sherril Soltz from Bet Shemesh so succinctly put it, 

"He knew exactly what we wanted, but used his own personal creativity to make the pictures better than we could have ever imagined!"




Our Service

We believe that true testimony to our service are the beautiful friendships that we have merited to create with so many of our clients. One of the highlights of our job is the mutual excitement when we bump into our previous clients at a different event. 

Our philosophy is very simple -- Once you sign with us, you have become a part of the family. We are on your side, thinking only "Win-Win"! And just like you bend over backward for those who are dear to you, so too we are ready to bend over backward for you. Our goal is to completely blow you away and surpass every one of your expectations!

In short, we genuinely care. 


Below are a few thoughts from our clients that we thought are relevant:

"We felt that you really met our personalized needs, wishes, and styles - you were absolutely a pleasure to work with"

"It was a real pleasure to work with you. You are a professional and a mentch."

"it has been a pleasure working with you both personally and professionally!"

"You take truly amazing pictures, and were so great at listening to us, and meeting our needs."


Our Manner

We pride ourselves on being socially aware. We move things along when it is required of us and when it isn't, we blend unobtrusively into the background. We make the portrait sessions relaxed and fun, and most importantly, you will never notice us under the chuppah.   

As Daveed Sabbah so kindly put it:

"Besides the pictures, I must really commend you for having been totally hidden during the whole wedding! I never felt your presence"

And as Miri Homa also noted:

"You were absolutely a pleasure to work with on the day of the wedding - your personalities were friendly, laid back, funny, calm, and smile-provoking. No stress whatsoever, and you made the experience simply fun!"



Our Clientele

Our clientele are generally discerning Anglo Jews living in and outside of Israel. People with good taste who appreciate fine quality and a top American style service.

SD is available internationally and has felt truly honored on several occasions to have been flown to different locations across the world.