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We have taken the liberty of sifting through hundreds of "thank you" messages that we have so gratefully received from our clients and have provided you below with what we believe to be the most relevant comments in helping you decide if we are the right photographer for you.


The Photography

"I must tell you that these are the most magnificent pictures I have ever seen."

"you are the first person to take not just one, but many photos of me that I actually like"

"Your pictures are awesome!! I've never seen anything like it!"


Capturing The Essence Of The Event

"you captured the life of the wedding in each photo"

"Both of you have an uncanny knack to capture such raw and beautiful emotion at just the second it happened"

"such sensitivity and emotion that truly captured the magic of that night."

"You captured the magic!"

"even the studio pictures; which for most photographers are flat out static, had such life and emotion in the people's expressions!"

"We loved the pictures, and felt like we were reliving the wedding. The pictures really convey the emotion and are so beautiful!"


Adding To The Simcha

"Shmuel and his staff made us feel so comfortable and happy that it turned into an experience we will always cherish."

"You were absolutely a pleasure to work with on the day of the wedding - your personalities were friendly, laid back, funny, calm, and smile-provoking. No stress whatsoever, and you made the experience simply fun!"

"It was a real pleasure to work with you. You are a professional and a mentch."

"We feel your participation in our simcha contributed greatly to its success!"

"Incredibly fun caring and professional staff."

"You really helped put us in exactly the right mindset for our big day."

"It has been a pleasure working with you both personally and professionally!"

"you were so calm and patient and amazing to have around"


Socially Conscious

"My parents are divorced and it's a bit of a sticky situation, and I don't think it could have been more elegantly handled."

"Diamond Images' non-pushy, Anglo-centric service was a big boon for our overseas relatives who knew about the horrors of the "pushy Israeli" photographers"


Customer Service

"Thank you again not only for gorgeous and skilled photography, but also your excellent customer service."

"The images are wonderful & we will always treasure them! (And, they were even delivered ahead of schedule!)"

"My daughter LOVES her wedding album, thank you for working with her to create the perfect album."

"You take truly amazing pictures, and were so great at listening to us, and meeting our needs."

"we felt that you really met our personalized needs, wishes, and styles"

"Devorah Malka was an absolute pleasure to work with - she is not only very talented but incredibly patient and generous with her time and energy - she accepted all our of our many comments and changes and produced an album which is a true work of art"


Our Manner

"Our daughter's wedding took place on a very hot day, but you were all extremely professional, positive, and reassuring. Despite the heat, you kept your cool."

"You worked on and on into the night with a smile always"

"You were all extremely patient, and always spoke to everyone with a smile and lots of good humor"

"Thank you for your patience and good humour through everything"

"thanx so much for everything and being so accommodating!!"

"We have both had experience with grumpy photographers from our siblings' weddings and with you it could not have been more different!"



"And then the bill for payment came. Guess what? It was exactly what you told us it would be - no hidden costs, nothing."

"We continue to appreciate your work and how you run your business!"



"I must really commend you for having been totally hidden during the whole wedding! I never felt your presence"

"You and your assistants were so unobtrusive at the wedding"



"Unbelievable! You captured the entire story in those pictures. Every unique nuance"

"we could not understand how you got such beautiful coverage as we don't remember seeing you most of the time!"


Simply Blown Away

"wow wow wow"

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! ... just like a fairy tale"

"Thank you for exceeding our expectations"

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm speechless! I love every single shot."

"We couldn’t be happier"



"If you've made it to this page and still need another reason to take the services of the amazingly talented Shmuel Diamond, you should know that the man photographed our wedding with a broken arm. He can quite literally do with one hand what most fail to do with two. I recently heard he did a wedding despite being very sick the day of. If you want solid as a rock reliability without sacrificing anything on the quality and artistry of your photos - look no further!"

Adam Simkin - Posted to our FB page (Thanks Adam ;)